Whiskey Barrel Design Co. - Kelly Boyer

Today on the NH Business Show Kelly Boyer of Whiskey Barrel Design Co.​ joins me to discuss how she got the idea to start creating wood art, her passion behind her business and running as low cost as possible. It was a pleasure having her on the show and I'm excited to see this you NH Business Flourish.

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FalTac Unlimited - Iggy Falcone

Iggy Falcone, Owner of FalTac Unlimited LLC​ joins me on the NH Business Show​ today to discuss what it takes to go from being a startup to where he is today. From putting in tons of extra hours after an already long work day, to working out of his home, Iggy is going places and showing what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

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Make Green Go Green - Bob Burgess

Hello everybody! Today I'd had that chance to sit down with Bob Burgess Make Green Go Green. Health and wellness is very important to Bob, and after being overweight himself, and struggling to get everything under control, he pushed through and now help others with their journeys.

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Blonde Boss Media - Hannah Greenwood

Hannah Greenwood of Blonde Boss Media returns to the show today to chat with me about her business, what got her into her business, and why she loves social media management. It's always great to have her on the show.

Hanna's Facebook Group---https://www.facebook.com/groups/173370863249556/

NH Weddings By Susan - Susan Miele

Susan Miele joins me on the NH Business Show today to discuss weddings, how complicated they can be, and some useful things to think about when you start planning for the big day.

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Atherton Real Estate Group - John Prieto

Welcome to the show, John Prieto!

This week on the NH Business Show I was joined by john Prieto, owner of Atherton Real Estate Group. John is an appraiser and a real estate agent who has a great story about where his business name came from and his logo. There is a lot of character in this business so check it out!

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Mother Green's Boutique - Hayla Hensen

Hayla reached out to come onto the show and I'm glad she did! There is a lot of misinformation out there about hemp and hemp products so I was happy to get a chance to chat with her about her business and the wonderful things she brings to the community.

I was also getting over being sick, so I don't sound the greatest.

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Regain Health & Balance - Elizabeth Gillis

Elizabeth had health problems that made her search for a better way of doing things. In that search she found an answer and decided to help others as well.

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Ooh Laa Spa - Lisa Angione

This week on the NH Business Show I'm joined by Lisa Angione, owner of Ooh Laa Spa. Her services range from traditional massage and Reiki to hot stone and vacuum cupping. If you're like me and haven't heard of these before than this is for you.

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Wristurments - Joe Corcoran

Today on the NH Business Show we have Joe Corcoran on to discuss Wristurments, a new brand new product designed to make learning to play the guitar easier.

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