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Chris Pastrana
We're passionate about business! The purpose of this channel is to give people a look behind the scenes of different businesses. Everyone knows that the point of running a business is to make money but there are so many other driving factors behind them. What is the real why?

​My name is Chris Pastrana and I'm an entrepreneur from Southern New Hampshire. I noticed that start-ups have these big dreams about getting out to the public and changing lives, yet most don't know how to really break into the market and don't last long. Thousands of amazing ideas go nowhere because companies underestimate what it'll take to get themselves seen before they begin. To handle this I began the New Hampshire Business Show, a place designed to not only get new products in front of 
customers, but to let these amazing entrepreneurs tell their visions behind the product. 

Because this is what business owners often forget. You have hundreds, if not thousands of competitors, and each of them offers a 'what'. We sell such and such, because such and such is good for you to have. Tell them your 'why'! 

You've taken the risk of breaking away from the rest of corporate America. You stress about money and sales, and all the other things that keep you awake at night... but WHY do you do it? What drives you, what's your passion? I'm here to change some things in NH. and to do that we're going to show you're why to everybody that will listen.

​It's going to be an amazing ride, let's do it.
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